October 2008 indoor swimming.

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I found these pictures saved to the long-lost blog.

The best part of finding these is that our computer crashed

and we lost all the pictures we stored there and did not backup.

I love these on Heydon.

He is so little and I knew he was so big.

I remember this swim time.

Yo came late but was calling ahead of time,

asking how murkie the water was.

Kristin and I had no idea how to rate it on a scale.

What we knew is that the kids were happy and excited to be there.

We knew we had Sonic cokes and a warm place to swim.

When Yo came she was not happy with the clarity of the water.


I know the kids were big enough to swim safely on their own.

They were happy to play,

and it was worth the time and effort.

I love it when these things come together.

Christmas 2010

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This past Christmas was good.

We ate a fancy dinner that my folks made for Christmas eve.

Then we gathered together on Christmas day.

We ate lunch and then got ready for the yearly fun.

The smaller children exchange gifts and

 the adults each bring a gift for a game.

I always try to bring good gifts but there is a spend limit. (thank goodness)

We put all the gifts in the center of the room and pick numbers.

The person with one goes first and so on.

You can steal someones gift or pick a new one from the pile.

If yours gets stolen you get to go again.

This year the highlight was that travelocity nome shown above.

Heydon got a box of truffles.

Seems appropriate for someone who can’t stay full.

He ate the top layer and then wanted to give it to his girlfriend for a Christmas present.

We had to inform him that over our dead body was he going to regift a half eaten box of chocolates.

He tried to convince us that she “would understand”

Obiously the boy has much to learn.

(Funny thing is that while I sit here thinking of it, I am pretty sure Garth would or has tried the same thing.)

 I realize, as I look through these pictures that there are many of Keria.

 Now, when I think about it, it is because of her intense excitement for the whole experience.

She was excited about presents,

and cousins

 and time at someone else’s place,

and the food.

 They all were happy

 but she was bubbly.  

After the great gift exchange

We all get a gallon ziplock bag half full of candy.

We set the timer and trade-off what we don’t like

 and try to gather what we do like.

 This year, like always,

 I did pretty well.

 I show no mercy for the youngsters.

 That may seem mean

 but I have a more refined palate than they do.

  So it is not considered mean

 to trade-off the candy canes and ring pops

 for the chocolate and gum. 

They will learn in time.


This is one of the lovely items we took home.

I tried to tell him not to pick it

 but he never listens. 


 This is the magic of Christmas morning at it’s best.

It is funny to me that no matter what the age they are still excited about make-believe.

We all pretend that they don’t know the truth about the

tooth fairy

easter bunny


santa clause.

Sometimes I wonder if they think that Jesus or God belongs on that list.

I struggle to make spirituality real.

Honestly, I struggle to make the other characters real.

The tooth fairy has had more excuses than I can remember.

Quite frankly I’m a little tired of covering for her.

When I grew up Christmas and Easter were the cornerstone of our beliefs.

I don’t know if I don’t feel the same way about those holidays because I am old.

Is it because it is all smoke and mirrors for the children

 and the magic is gone when you have to create it.

Or….is it not how I believe now?

I believe that all are loved deeply by a creator,

that we should find mercy inside ourselves even when it is not our first reaction.

That love, respect and understanding should be our first line of defence when parenting.

That more times than not I am clueless

 but happy to continue to figure it out.



 This robe that Garth has on, is a gift that was needed.

 He had worn his white robe until it was not white and had a broken belt.

He had started wearing a church belt to hold all of his goodness in.

I looked all over for a robe.

 On Christmas eve I was out looking for a robe.

I stopped a clerk and asked her if they had one.

“no. We got so very few of them.” she said.

I replied. “Well, the obviously haven’t seen my husband in his old one.”

Thank goodness I found one at Target.

Group Gifting

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This makes me happy.

All (5) of them together in a room playing. 

This space was created as a Christmas gift to my children to have their own space.

A place that was safe for them and their friends.

A group Christmas gift that was intended to be easier on the pocketbook and eye poping for the kids.

I painted. 

I used things we had.

I used Craig’s list.

I bought new.

I can’t say that group gifting is easier but it is nice that they loved the room.

I am looking forward to the day that we move into the Broadway house and can use this room more regular.

In the meantime, it is good.

Are you ready for some football?

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Thursdays have been the day that Heydon and Sawyer have football games. It is always worth the run  around to get kids to places on time for the chance to see your baby play if only for a minute. This is Heydons first year of football. There are about 40 or 50 7th graders who play football. He is still learning and I think it has been good for him to do this. He has really gotten to hang with some of his friends which we have been encouraging him to do.

This is Sawyers 2nd year of football and like any organized sport he really loves it. He is made for any game just play. These are some of the pictures over the last week or two.

This is Sawyers favorite boy. It is Josh and if you knew how many times I have gotten my ass reamed by Sawyer over this child you would feel sorry for me. He is always asking me to invite him to play, eat,and sleep. When we are someplace and Sawyer thinks Josh should be there and isn’t, you got it- a reaming I get. Here they are playing together.

There is also the keeping busy while a game is playing. I think for the most part we all have a good time and it gets us unplugged for a while.

Fall Festival

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This is the first time that we had a chance to go to the Bethel College Fall Fest as a family. This is actually the first time that Garth has ever attended the event. I have taken the kids myself while he worked and other years when he had the taxi he would drop off for the event but could never attend. So it was a honor to be able to have a grown up helper with me. (even though the kids are becoming more grown up)

Aren’t we a crazy great looking crew.

Ten minute rides at first to get good and sweaty stinky.

No place in the world would you spend $40 for a meal where you have to wait in line and stand to eat. (but there was music)

An enent like this would not be complete with out some complaining. They complain that we don’t do anything fun and when we do they complain that they have to walk or they have to wait in line or they can’t buy something. Poor babies. 

This child however is always happy. I don’t know how he stays so positive but what a blessing to have that happy go lucky attitude. This is an inch worm that we found.

There was lots of tree climbing. This is the best tree to climb.

 Then there was face painting and henna tatoo. I love my hand and hope it stays for the month. 

There were free cupcakes and punch. Score and yummy.

This girl had a great time. Thanks Bethel College.

Oh, one more thing…

Now look at this tree stump and tell me that God doesn’t have a sence of humor.


I am woman hear me roar!

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In an effort to celebrate my 40th birthday (coming soon) I decided to do an adventure race. This race was to prove that I am still strong and not to be tossed aside because I was to old to do anything. This was to prove that there is life after 40 and that maybe in some ways it could begin at 40. I just know that 40 is a big number and that I didn’t want to be tired when I reached it. So about 3 months ago a friend ( who also turned 40 this year) and I signed up for our 1st adventure race. I sounded so fun. I really buckled down and started to exercise. I Anticipated the race and it really kept me focused a lot. The race was last Saturday and boy was I a happy girl. There was running/trekking, canoeing, and biking. It all seemed like extreme sporting, which I loved. There was going through thick forests and biking down and up steep grades with rocks in the trail, and hairpin turns. I could not wipe the smile off my face. We did not get in first at all, but we finished and got all the checkpoints. I can’t wait to do this again and Tarra said she would never do one again. These are the pictures from the race.

The road trip was loads of fun.

Sunflower seeds, coffee and diet coke.

Rain, wipers keeping time to the conversation and strategy for the race.  

Choosing the perfect camp site. Learning how to set up camp.

Late night talking and laughing and laughing and talking.

Way to early morning rising.



Taking before pictures and trying to control a nervous bladder.

Getting instructions with 90 other people and going to the bathroom one more time before we started.

Starting what ended up being a 4 hour and 6 minute race.

Staying alive during the race.

Inspecting injuries. (Tarra’s foot not mine)

Sweaty after pictures.

Feeling like a rock star. I can’t wait until the next one!

Mason’s movie

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Mason likes to make movies on the camera using his bionicles. This is one of his movies.

I forgot that the room is amazingly messy.

Mason turns ten!

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Yesterday Mason turned ten. It’s hard to believe that this sweet boy is another year older.

I love the gentleness that he has. I love when he is patient with Keria and laughes at Heydon and engages Sawyer in things. He is the quietest and most easy going child that we have. His views on life are amazing and so different than mine and yet I think when he tells me what he is thinking. He is beautiful. (even though he looked like Don Knotts for the first 24 hours of his life)

I wish he spoke up more for himself and would kick the crap out of Heydon at some point in time. (it’s time people) I wish for him peace. I hope that he finds a place in this world that is comfortable and gentle and kind. I love you my Mason.


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Guys this is me at my best. I am not an overachiever or a achiever for that matter. I should of warned all 5 of you a year ago when I started this silly project. For the record I have one baby book completed (Heydon’s) and one summer I scrapped what we did. I have about 3 totes of pictures that need to be organized and scrapped. So if you want to know what’s going on you should call.

I do feel bad about the blogging. All our pictures are gone because our computer crashed and I did not back up a thing. I know, I know. Bad. Well I feel overwhelmed at the thought of blogging now. So maybe when I feel the spirit lead I will start blogging once again. Until then have a great summer.

Kindergarten field trip

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Kindergarten Zoo.

Trip for Keria and me too.

It was fun to do.

Many animals we did view.

‘Cuz today we went to the zoo,

Its funny we spend time looking at the animals with furry coats.

Seeing things like chimps and goats.

Like the zoo animals we are always on display, what do others note?

What color is your pack and coat?

Oh my gosh I am amazed at the assortment.

We barely made a dent.

Seeing all the animals that God sent.

It’s crazy and I’m glad that I went.

Great pictures taken in mass.

Talking about animal babies in a class.

Things to learn hands on or looking through glass.

And I’m so tired I can’t rhyme anymore.